Gettin' into it ......

We really need to start blogging man!


Sacred Romance has sort of hit our next level. Super exciting for me. We have been doing so many cool things and added a superstar to our roster. Our little team is getting strong and everyone is finding their place. The future looks super bright.

The last three years have been a whirlwind for me. Deciding to take the leap of faith and start a BUSINESS was crazy enough, let alone a business where I had no experience. I rely on prayers, and they haven't let me down yet. Im a Mom and working with even just one kid is seriously insane, let alone from HOME. 

I had a ton of challenges to get to where we are now and am just happy to be past them. The first year I started taking basically anything I could get for work. I didn't make any money and was pretty stressed. The second year I entered Wedding Season as basically a one woman show and sometimes remain that way today. This year has been pretty night and day from last year in a good way. 

I added Amanda to our team who is a Mom of two with a background in interior design. Umm, she rocks. I always worked for larger companies so was used to a team, and it was getting difficult to work solo and vibe off of ...... myself? Not for me. I need camaraderie. I need someone to rely on for many reasons. Seems way more natural to me than working alone. 

Moving into 2018, our team is small, but GOOD. I have to admit we really don't miss a beat. Stuff happens, but we have a solution to any problem, and stop at nothing to make sure what YOU envisioned, is what you get.  

Another change this year was my STYLE. When you first embark in an industry, you are sort of, unconfident? Not sure thats the word I was looking for but it'll work. At first you really do whatever the client wants. Its your job to recreate anything and everything. As time goes on and you grow in your art, your business, and as an entrepreneur, I believe eventually, you get to choose how and what you are going to do. I no longer take one EVERYTHING. I take on what is beautiful to me, challenging to me, and exciting to me. 

Going into next year and beyond, our style is simply, vintage romance. Dusty colors, Lush Roses, Lush Premium Greens. Can we talk about one more thing? Some people fuss when a Bride comes to them and wants a "Blush Wedding". Some are like, "Bluuuusssshhhh, uggggghhhhh, agaaaaainnnn?" NOT ME! I welcome blush with open arms. If all the blush Brides of the world would come to me, I would never get tired of it. Its beautiful! 

When it comes to color, Im trying to be a little more bold. Dusty and toned down, but an occasional a pop of color. I decided that I need to be able to work with at least four colors. Of course I love working with maroon/wine, ivory, and the lush greens, but lets throw in ONE more color in the flowers to really take the look over the edge. Add a blush, a mauve, a powder blue, and watch magic unfold. 

Alright ... we have established I need to blog more. With Amanda on the team I have passed off some of the many hats I wore for years, and have time to focus on some of the fun stuff. She is going to be blogging as well. We will talk not only Weddings, but life and mommy hood.

Mommy hood real quick:

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS! HOW HARD is it to juggle your kids + work? EVERY DAY my staff and the women I freelance for occasionally are juggling our kids, husbands, and work and its seriously almost comical. I use to be very uptight if everything wasn't perfect but have learned ...... Its never going to be perfect, so just look on the bright side. I only have one 5.5 year old, and it seems all the women around me have 2+ and even with one kid life is insane! So just know, all of us Moms are feeling the same way. (This is why there is wine, and curse words) . We all have our best days and our awful days. All I want to do is support Moms everywhere in knowing, "WE ARE WITH YOU!" "YOU GOT THIS!" "AND YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!"

One day ladies, one day, we will be on that beach, under the sun, with that cocktail, with no kids or work in sight, and we will feel peace, for a short time, but it will come! hahaha.

Love you all!


A Blog Post About Posting Blogs

Ive been slacking here.

Its so fun to have a blog. People love blogs. I thought I was going to pour a coffee every Sunday morning and peacefully and blissfully write to you all (few) about the week and all the fun stuff we did. 

Clearly failing. 

But Im not going to! I am GOING to BLOG. 

There are so many fun details I can't wait to share. We have added to our team, tripled the amount of Weddings we have done in previous years, and are just SO FREAKIN EXCITED to work with SO many awesome people on their dream Weddings and Events.

Back soon -


The Floral + Event Questionnaire ...

Why such a long questionnaire? You may wonder ... (Its about 7-Pages).

Well, its because, in this industry, we need a LOT of details. Im not going to lie, being vague about the details of your Wedding or Event is nearly impossible to quote. 

Chances are, if I send a proposal for just the things you listed in your email, the price is going to sky rocket by the end, because, we are probably missing most of the details. 

A lot of companies give a vague price at the beginning, only to by the end, have you feeling like they left out certain prices, just to book your gig. 

I decided I wanted you to know the price, almost exactly, from the beginning. (Of course, as things are added or removed throughout the process, this can not always be true.)

Yes, it can be overwhelming, but in order for me to really get the entire vision of your Wedding or Event, its the basic information I need. It hardly leaves room for error. Without it, we are shooting in the complete dark. 

I like to plan ahead, and be on top of it. I have a really hard time working with vague answers, and I sort of decided to .... well ... NOT. If you're serious about your Event, enough to hire a professional, we just need as much detail as possible, from the start. Trust me, it helps everything turn out PERFECTLY while at the same time, from the beginning, letting you know if its even worth doing, because it can get expensive. You don't want to spend 3, 6, 8, 12mo ++ planning something that adds up to be waaaaaay more than you wanted to spend. 

So, I chose to go this route. I tell people, anything you don't need, or don't want, skip, in hopes that you don't get frustrated trying to figure it out all at once. I do though, choose to work with people who can give at least some of the details right off the bat, and choose to stay away from any type of vague Event Planning. I like details, details, DETAILS! I also require your budget. In this day and age, a lot of people want a party that is truly triple their budget. I try to help with more realistic expectations, while really trying to keep your cost down, and stay as close to the desired budget as possible. Currently, our total Party Planning minimum is $4,000 to $6,000 including tax, delivery, set up, and service with our Party Planning service minimum at $800. 



Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2017 for 2016

We won an Award!

This recognized us for being flexible, easy to work with, and an all around contender in the industry. THAT SO COOL! 

This was my companies first Wedding Season. I have to say it was a ton of work but well worth it. The satisfaction I felt as each Bride walked down the aisle was awesome. Being a part of someones big day is unforgettable. With each having their own unique awesomeness. 

I am just so thankful, and look forward to a long career and many more Weddings.

We have been recognized for our Floral Design in 2015, 2016, 2017 and hopefully many more to come.

Cheers, and I look forward to working with you! 

Xo, Jenn

Wedding Planning Stress + Budgets

Let's go there.

Stress is no joke. And I mean REAL stress. Not the stress we thought we felt when we had no real stress, bills, or problems. Im talking about the stuff that makes you sick. 

I have the ability to totally send my physical body into absolute shut down mode. Know what I mean?! 

Chances are you are planning your Wedding and its not your full time job. Chances are you have a full time job or career, are trying to pay bills while maintaining any sort of sanity through this process. Its not pretty. 

Your Moms guest bedroom may look like the Wedding aisle of Hobby Lobby and most likely you've stopped adding up what you're spending, and its just a mix of, "Just slide the card. We just need this. We have DIY crafts to make and a plethora of other things on the To Do List."

It feels never ending. Chances are you have fought with your fiancé, Mother, Father, Friends .. you name it, and its not because you are Bridezilla, but because you are STRESSED. Its a real FEELING, and once you experience "it", you try everything in your power to avoid it. Unfortunately, you're stuck with a Wedding Date fast approaching, and no way out. You tell yourself "it'll be over soon", and kick yourself for not eloping. I promise you one thing though, the second you walk down that aisle, and after it is all said and done, it was truly one of the most magical days of your life.

Now, I have a confession.

I didn't have a Wedding! 

I NEVER dreamt of my big day. Ever. Not once. Always wanted a Family, never a Wedding. But I was going to do it. My Husband was leaving for a deployment in the Middle East so we decided to quickly go down to the courthouse and just make it happen. The plan was while he was away I would plan a Reception style Wedding where I would possibly walked down the aisle. I was on a budget. A BIG budget. It started adding up as I requested quotes and searched for venues. It just didn't make sense for me. It was spend the 20k my Husband had just made oversees for a party basically for my Friends and Family, because I myself did not care either way, OR, move out of my parents house and start a life of our own. I chose to save the money, move out, and start a business. Honestly, I would do the same thing again. My girlfriends are like OMG! You don't regret it?! And not in the least. Like, at ALL. 

I live for Love. I CRY every time one of my Brides walks down that aisle. EVERY Wedding is so full of real, tangible, God given LOVE, and you really do feel it. Its one of the only times you experience it between such a large amount of people. People pray together, eat and dance together, and from my perspective, its truly different than what we experience day to day. Peoples hearts are open who sometimes have it closed. I really do enjoy getting to experience it so often now. 

Now, having these moments may not have been what my modest Husband and I wanted, but I GET why girls dream about this. I want my daughter to dream about her big day. I want to throw my kids HUGE Weddings. I love how everyone is different. How one person could have no Wedding, and one person have a huge Wedding, or somewhere in the middle, and either way, to each their own. Thats the beauty of Life and Love. 

If you are like me, or are planning a huge day, either way, I love it. I just want to make one point. I do not believe stress that makes you ill is worth it. I think people should really ask themselves what is most important to them. If you have an income or a Family income that suits 10, 20, 30, 40, 50++ thousand dollar Weddings, by all means, plan an amazing Day. Im really not talking to those people. Im talking to the people who may beat themselves up that they CANT have the Wedding they want. Im here to tell you, ITS OKAY! Do whats best for YOU. 

If you don't have parents that can fork over tens of thousands, don't sweat it. If the cost of a Wedding will leave you in debt, or flat broke, Im here to tell you, DONT DO IT. The world we live in wants to make us think all of these little things are important, but do whats best for you. Who cares what people think. Don't get sick over a Wedding. Don't plan a Wedding you can't afford. Love is Love, either way. Coming from someone who got Married in a courthouse, a Happy Marriage is not made at a fancy Wedding, its made every single day of your life from beginning to end, with a Wedding being a small detail. 

But, Lets say you are having a Wedding. Don't let the stress get to you. In the grand scheme of things, yes you will feel overwhelmed, but remember, to some people it may feel like a big production, but to others, its literally groups of people coming together, to watch Love. From behind the scenes, from my perspective, its just not as huge as everyone makes it. Its beautiful, and magical, but not worthy of insane levels of stress. Just try to relax.  Once its showtime it'll happen soooo fast. I believe the small details make a big impact, but not every small detail is worth the kind of stress we put ourselves through. Eliminate what isn't necessary, focus on the big picture, and hire a team that will take care of you. Its a lot of work to do alone. If you have the money to hire a professional, DO IT. I believe the difference is night and day. Be clear about what you want, and the rest should be History. Plan a night that people will remember. They will remember the feeling that was in the air of true love and hope. Oh, and the good food, drinks, and dancing. 

Im a true believer that true love can change the world. Be a part of that.

Till next time,



Its here! 

Each year I have rituals I do to feel refreshed for the New Year and I am feeling GOOOOOD today! I needed this. New Years ALWAYS bring me a fresh perspective. I reflect, dream, and plan. I cleaned and rearranged my office, we are de-decking the house as we speak, and I am truly looking forward to 6am tomorrow morning. Im not taking the day off! When did the 2nd become a Holiday? I remember when you are lucky to even get the 1st off. 

My Husband just said, "I've been glitter bombed." haha. He's taking down the tree. I like to add lots of sparkle. 

He just asked me, "What do you think we will feel like this time next year?" 

Great question! You just cannot predict anything is this life. I hope it is a good year. Lots of Weddings and fun Events planned. I hope for continued Health and Happiness for my little Tribe. 

So, How was your New Years Party? Guess what I did? Sat by my fire. :) I am SO boring. My Father is 72 and he stopped by yesterday and said some sort of sarcastic, hilarious comment about how lame I am now-a-days.

I happen to love it, thank you very much! I woke up refreshed and ready to go today.


Much different from my early 20s New Years Day feels.

But, I did wake at 4am and thought about all the debauchery that was probably taking place in the world at the moment, LOL! 

Well, I pray everyone is feeling refreshed and renewed. Lets take on this year. And, I just love the number 7. Please don't disappoint, lucky number 7. 

Alright, I am off to redo my shoppe. The little shoppe I work out of inside my home. I decided to move it all out to make room for tons of tables for our Family feast this Thanksgiving. I liked it because I am someone who likes to start over and reorganize what feels like almost constantly, so the thought of a fresh slate for a New Year sounded fabulous, and it is. But you know how whenever you try to clean up a room and get everything in its place, it gets messier before it gets cleaner? Yeah, I am about to start one of those projects. So wish me luck. When its done, I will be one happy lady, with one efficient Floral Design Shoppe. Lord be with me. 

Until Next Time, 



The year is officially over. I have nothing left to do. It feels nice.

This Christmas was really lovely. Relaxing at most. My son left for seven days on a snow trip the week before Christmas and though my mommy anxiety was real, I was refreshed by the end of it. My Husband and I slept in, didn't have to pick up toys, or make a second dinner. That was nice, but he was missed. 

Though this time of year isn't as magical as it was as a kid, Im finding a new sense of magic in creating Christmas and being the "grown up". After it was all said and done, I really reflected on how lucky I am to have the Family, and extended Family I have. Everyone is truly lovely and our homes were filled with Love and Joy. 

The last two years I went overboard on gifts. Majorly. This year I decided to buy for kids only, and, I hated it! I ended up hating it! I am definitely a giver, and next year I will buy for everyone again. It just wasn't the same. I really do get joy out of giving people gifts, so it was a good lesson. 

This year I ended my Christmas Decorating Services. Just not my thing. I don't enjoy it in the slightest, and decided to do away with it all together. It leaves more room open for me to enjoy decorating my home and for my Family. Sacred Romance is happily sticking to Wedding Florals next year and looking forward to it.  

Im seeing mixed reviews on 2016. Did you love or hate it? For me, it will always go down in History as one of the worst best years ever. Why? Because it was hard work. I actually busted my butt. I kept up with the best of em, but barely. 2017 is more focused. I am incredibly optimistic about next year and live for optimism, so thats a great feeling! 

I go into each and every year with goals. My goals this year are a lot of maintaining and growing. Personal Growth as well as Spiritual, and in Business. Things are getting pretty exciting in my life. No matter my plans, its His plans that are greater. We will see what God has in store for everyone this year. Im hoping for some long overdue and well deserved travel and a ton of other good things. Im working with some super cool Brides on some unique Weddings and should be a part of some pretty awesome projects. I am definitely on the right track for a good work/life balance, God willing.

This is my last year in my 20s! I've always been rather excited to get older, and always been oddly excited for my 30s. At 27 I sort of freaked out because I wasn't where I wanted to be in my career, so Im glad things have evened out and by the time 30 hits, I have a feeling I am going to have a good overall sense of happiness and contentment. Career, Family, Home in order ... 2017 is going to be my year. And yours. All of ours. Much Love.

Until 2017,

Jennifer Driscoll-Frerichs - Owner of Sacred Romance Floral Design