Its here! 

Each year I have rituals I do to feel refreshed for the New Year and I am feeling GOOOOOD today! I needed this. New Years ALWAYS bring me a fresh perspective. I reflect, dream, and plan. I cleaned and rearranged my office, we are de-decking the house as we speak, and I am truly looking forward to 6am tomorrow morning. Im not taking the day off! When did the 2nd become a Holiday? I remember when you are lucky to even get the 1st off. 

My Husband just said, "I've been glitter bombed." haha. He's taking down the tree. I like to add lots of sparkle. 

He just asked me, "What do you think we will feel like this time next year?" 

Great question! You just cannot predict anything is this life. I hope it is a good year. Lots of Weddings and fun Events planned. I hope for continued Health and Happiness for my little Tribe. 

So, How was your New Years Party? Guess what I did? Sat by my fire. :) I am SO boring. My Father is 72 and he stopped by yesterday and said some sort of sarcastic, hilarious comment about how lame I am now-a-days.

I happen to love it, thank you very much! I woke up refreshed and ready to go today.


Much different from my early 20s New Years Day feels.

But, I did wake at 4am and thought about all the debauchery that was probably taking place in the world at the moment, LOL! 

Well, I pray everyone is feeling refreshed and renewed. Lets take on this year. And, I just love the number 7. Please don't disappoint, lucky number 7. 

Alright, I am off to redo my shoppe. The little shoppe I work out of inside my home. I decided to move it all out to make room for tons of tables for our Family feast this Thanksgiving. I liked it because I am someone who likes to start over and reorganize what feels like almost constantly, so the thought of a fresh slate for a New Year sounded fabulous, and it is. But you know how whenever you try to clean up a room and get everything in its place, it gets messier before it gets cleaner? Yeah, I am about to start one of those projects. So wish me luck. When its done, I will be one happy lady, with one efficient Floral Design Shoppe. Lord be with me. 

Until Next Time,