Gettin' into it ......

We really need to start blogging man!


Sacred Romance has sort of hit our next level. Super exciting for me. We have been doing so many cool things and added a superstar to our roster. Our little team is getting strong and everyone is finding their place. The future looks super bright.

The last three years have been a whirlwind for me. Deciding to take the leap of faith and start a BUSINESS was crazy enough, let alone a business where I had no experience. I rely on prayers, and they haven't let me down yet. Im a Mom and working with even just one kid is seriously insane, let alone from HOME. 

I had a ton of challenges to get to where we are now and am just happy to be past them. The first year I started taking basically anything I could get for work. I didn't make any money and was pretty stressed. The second year I entered Wedding Season as basically a one woman show and sometimes remain that way today. This year has been pretty night and day from last year in a good way. 

I added Amanda to our team who is a Mom of two with a background in interior design. Umm, she rocks. I always worked for larger companies so was used to a team, and it was getting difficult to work solo and vibe off of ...... myself? Not for me. I need camaraderie. I need someone to rely on for many reasons. Seems way more natural to me than working alone. 

Moving into 2018, our team is small, but GOOD. I have to admit we really don't miss a beat. Stuff happens, but we have a solution to any problem, and stop at nothing to make sure what YOU envisioned, is what you get.  

Another change this year was my STYLE. When you first embark in an industry, you are sort of, unconfident? Not sure thats the word I was looking for but it'll work. At first you really do whatever the client wants. Its your job to recreate anything and everything. As time goes on and you grow in your art, your business, and as an entrepreneur, I believe eventually, you get to choose how and what you are going to do. I no longer take one EVERYTHING. I take on what is beautiful to me, challenging to me, and exciting to me. 

Going into next year and beyond, our style is simply, vintage romance. Dusty colors, Lush Roses, Lush Premium Greens. Can we talk about one more thing? Some people fuss when a Bride comes to them and wants a "Blush Wedding". Some are like, "Bluuuusssshhhh, uggggghhhhh, agaaaaainnnn?" NOT ME! I welcome blush with open arms. If all the blush Brides of the world would come to me, I would never get tired of it. Its beautiful! 

When it comes to color, Im trying to be a little more bold. Dusty and toned down, but an occasional a pop of color. I decided that I need to be able to work with at least four colors. Of course I love working with maroon/wine, ivory, and the lush greens, but lets throw in ONE more color in the flowers to really take the look over the edge. Add a blush, a mauve, a powder blue, and watch magic unfold. 

Alright ... we have established I need to blog more. With Amanda on the team I have passed off some of the many hats I wore for years, and have time to focus on some of the fun stuff. She is going to be blogging as well. We will talk not only Weddings, but life and mommy hood.

Mommy hood real quick:

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS! HOW HARD is it to juggle your kids + work? EVERY DAY my staff and the women I freelance for occasionally are juggling our kids, husbands, and work and its seriously almost comical. I use to be very uptight if everything wasn't perfect but have learned ...... Its never going to be perfect, so just look on the bright side. I only have one 5.5 year old, and it seems all the women around me have 2+ and even with one kid life is insane! So just know, all of us Moms are feeling the same way. (This is why there is wine, and curse words) . We all have our best days and our awful days. All I want to do is support Moms everywhere in knowing, "WE ARE WITH YOU!" "YOU GOT THIS!" "AND YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!"

One day ladies, one day, we will be on that beach, under the sun, with that cocktail, with no kids or work in sight, and we will feel peace, for a short time, but it will come! hahaha.

Love you all!