The year is officially over. I have nothing left to do. It feels nice.

This Christmas was really lovely. Relaxing at most. My son left for seven days on a snow trip the week before Christmas and though my mommy anxiety was real, I was refreshed by the end of it. My Husband and I slept in, didn't have to pick up toys, or make a second dinner. That was nice, but he was missed. 

Though this time of year isn't as magical as it was as a kid, Im finding a new sense of magic in creating Christmas and being the "grown up". After it was all said and done, I really reflected on how lucky I am to have the Family, and extended Family I have. Everyone is truly lovely and our homes were filled with Love and Joy. 

The last two years I went overboard on gifts. Majorly. This year I decided to buy for kids only, and, I hated it! I ended up hating it! I am definitely a giver, and next year I will buy for everyone again. It just wasn't the same. I really do get joy out of giving people gifts, so it was a good lesson. 

This year I ended my Christmas Decorating Services. Just not my thing. I don't enjoy it in the slightest, and decided to do away with it all together. It leaves more room open for me to enjoy decorating my home and for my Family. Sacred Romance is happily sticking to Wedding Florals next year and looking forward to it.  

Im seeing mixed reviews on 2016. Did you love or hate it? For me, it will always go down in History as one of the worst best years ever. Why? Because it was hard work. I actually busted my butt. I kept up with the best of em, but barely. 2017 is more focused. I am incredibly optimistic about next year and live for optimism, so thats a great feeling! 

I go into each and every year with goals. My goals this year are a lot of maintaining and growing. Personal Growth as well as Spiritual, and in Business. Things are getting pretty exciting in my life. No matter my plans, its His plans that are greater. We will see what God has in store for everyone this year. Im hoping for some long overdue and well deserved travel and a ton of other good things. Im working with some super cool Brides on some unique Weddings and should be a part of some pretty awesome projects. I am definitely on the right track for a good work/life balance, God willing.

This is my last year in my 20s! I've always been rather excited to get older, and always been oddly excited for my 30s. At 27 I sort of freaked out because I wasn't where I wanted to be in my career, so Im glad things have evened out and by the time 30 hits, I have a feeling I am going to have a good overall sense of happiness and contentment. Career, Family, Home in order ... 2017 is going to be my year. And yours. All of ours. Much Love.

Until 2017,

Jennifer Driscoll-Frerichs - Owner of Sacred Romance Floral Design