What is Design Labor?

This is a new one. Or is it? 

Its probably just because Im on the "newer" end of the industry as to why I think it may be a new concept. Now that I am actually thinking about it, this is a rather standard practice, that is if you are hiring an actual Floral Designer vs. Standard Florist Shop. 

The difference? A Floral Designer meets with you in person, listens to your visions, and brings them to life. This takes office work, planning, site visits, and designing every piece of your Wedding based on exactly, and uniquely, what YOU want. A Florist Shop most likely offers Floral Design Services, which will run you close to the same as a Designer will, its literally the EXACT same thing. The only difference? At a brick and mortar Florist shop you will find Teleflora books full of recipes ranging from standard, day to day pieces, as well as funeral and Wedding recipes. They just, copy. This is where you get that very uniform Wedding floral look. (You know exactly what I am talking about.) 

A designer starts from scratch. Most of us create recipes based on each item you want uniquely for you. 

When it comes to labor, chances are most standard floral shops have their staff create your Wedding pieces. A home based designer brings in freelance designers, most costing on average $25/hr. Floral Designers work 12 hour days, and installation can take 4-12 Hours. 

If you are either a brick and mortar shop OR an exclusive "designer", a TON of work goes into flowers. Every Florist needs to charge for labor.

Is Design Labor an industry standard? SURE IS. If a florist is not charging for it yet, it's coming. A lot of floral business' struggle financially and are not paid for their time and worth. Sure, we all mark up the flowers, but what about the TIME is takes to design, create, shop, order, pay employees, cooler usage, delivery van costs, on top of an endless list of other tasks. If a florist is just to charge for the product, and not their time, they never feel content with their business and normally feel overworked, underpaid, and don't enjoy their craft. Sometimes leaving you with not-so-exciting-Wedding-flowers which CANNOT happen on YOUR BIG DAY. 

At Sacred Romance, our design labor fee is on the lesser end. Some charge up to 75%. We like to be fair, while being valued. I put blood, sweat, and tears into my work. Ok, more like sweat, tears, and anxiety, but close enough. 

Design Labor is the industry standard. Luckily, there are a ton of people out there who still do not choose to charge it, and thats why we like to provide you with a detailed quote for you to compare to all of your potential florists. 

Until Next Time,