Growing in your Art.

I hardly consider myself an Artist because from such a young age my creativity wasn't nurtured and Western Civilization schooling really stripped me of creativity, confidence, and inspiration. I was always a creative kid, with good taste, and could make things pretty, but instead, the way of life where I grew up was, socialize, socialize, socialize. Who had time for art?

Before I knew it Im a young 20-something wannabe "adult" that had no talent, no hobbies, but a ton of freakin' friends. An average day? Sleep till noon, call/text whoever is available, meet up at someones parents house who worked, and "chilled". Day in and Day out.

When I had my son and began to work with flowers, my old creative self really started to emerge, and I must admit, two years into my career, I am most definitely exploring the concept of considering myself an "Artist". 

What I find interesting, since I am very analytical and highly enjoy seeing people work and craft, I am noticing more and more artists in all areas from graphics, to advertising, to culinary, you name it, we are all trying to grow and perfect our Art. 

I find it interesting how we all grow. We start out with one style, or one form of expression, and over time perfect it. We slowly, but surely, find our "sweet spot". I haven't found my sweet spot yet, but am getting closer. I will think its sweet when I have a total work/personal life balance, and have perfected the type of style I want to offer, and nothing more. 

My Wedding season ended in October, and I have spent the last few months totally revamping not only my Business, but my Art. Its a constant game of revamping, renewing, learning, trial and error, and a lot of hard work and dedication. I think about my business 24/7. I have definitely noticed growth in my work and it just makes me super duper excited for the next few years.

I finally have something that is uniquely mine, and I make the rules. And its blooming right before my eyes. Now, I HAVE to spend time in my office every single day, which I love. Its turned into a real business. I literally cannot miss a beat or the ship will sink, and I like it. Im not just playing office, I am WERKing, and WERKing for myself and my Family. 

Often, in those crazy stressful times, I think about all the other artists in the World that are creating, praying, working hard, crying, rejoicing, celebrating, and growing in their art. I may work in the Floral industry but across the board, Art is the same. You really don't get satisfaction until someone else tells you they love what you have done. Once I see the Brides eyes light up when she sees her bouquet, or altar, thats when I give myself a break, and enjoy what I have done. I often think about other Artists who experience this. A chef, who just created an amazing meal, who wants the people he is serving to love it, won't be satisfied with his pallet tasting the meal, he will only rejoice once the customer says, "mmmmmmmm!" We all wait for a similar moment, no matter what your art. As you're creating it, you're hoping that the person you are creating it for, LOVES it. If they don't, its not just like "Oh ok", it can be overwhelmingly upsetting. Artists tend to be people pleasers, by nature. Art is Art. And Art is tough. Because, we are also sensitive. We spend time, effort, and worry on the inception of what we are creating, and its not always perfect. We have high moments of joy when we create something that is well liked, but if something is disliked, your whole world can come tumbling down. So its a .. sticky situation. High highs, yet low lows. I guess I am just learning that, thats LIFE, and you just roll with it.

People can say, "Its just throwing flowers in a vase", or, "Its just cooking a meal, how hard can it be to follow a recipe?", but, we all know a lot more work goes into every single thing we do than what people know. You never really know how difficult something is until you try it, and most jobs, are not easy. 

So to anyone out there creating, learning, perfecting their art, no matter how many times you fall, you'll get up that many more times. We all beat ourselves up, and are proud of ourselves in the next breath. Funny little game, us Artists play.

Until Next time,