The Floral + Event Questionnaire ...

Why such a long questionnaire? You may wonder ... (Its about 7-Pages).

Well, its because, in this industry, we need a LOT of details. Im not going to lie, being vague about the details of your Wedding or Event is nearly impossible to quote. 

Chances are, if I send a proposal for just the things you listed in your email, the price is going to sky rocket by the end, because, we are probably missing most of the details. 

A lot of companies give a vague price at the beginning, only to by the end, have you feeling like they left out certain prices, just to book your gig. 

I decided I wanted you to know the price, almost exactly, from the beginning. (Of course, as things are added or removed throughout the process, this can not always be true.)

Yes, it can be overwhelming, but in order for me to really get the entire vision of your Wedding or Event, its the basic information I need. It hardly leaves room for error. Without it, we are shooting in the complete dark. 

I like to plan ahead, and be on top of it. I have a really hard time working with vague answers, and I sort of decided to .... well ... NOT. If you're serious about your Event, enough to hire a professional, we just need as much detail as possible, from the start. Trust me, it helps everything turn out PERFECTLY while at the same time, from the beginning, letting you know if its even worth doing, because it can get expensive. You don't want to spend 3, 6, 8, 12mo ++ planning something that adds up to be waaaaaay more than you wanted to spend. 

So, I chose to go this route. I tell people, anything you don't need, or don't want, skip, in hopes that you don't get frustrated trying to figure it out all at once. I do though, choose to work with people who can give at least some of the details right off the bat, and choose to stay away from any type of vague Event Planning. I like details, details, DETAILS! I also require your budget. In this day and age, a lot of people want a party that is truly triple their budget. I try to help with more realistic expectations, while really trying to keep your cost down, and stay as close to the desired budget as possible. Currently, our total Party Planning minimum is $4,000 to $6,000 including tax, delivery, set up, and service with our Party Planning service minimum at $800.